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Content Creation


From the Founder

Hello Lovely,

I started Merigold to empower women to pause. As a nurse, mother, wife, natural food chef, and nutritionist, I’ve seen firsthand the toll constant striving takes on the body—it’s true, the body does keep the score.

I didn’t want my daughters to grow up thinking they needed to participate in the incessant hustle to be worthy. I knew I needed to be the example.

Merigold offers clean, organic skincare, but it is more than just skincare. It is reclaiming our moments from the endless to-dos and distractions. It is nourishing our skin, bodies and souls with quality ingredients both on and in our bodies, and taking up the space for ourselves, so we can emerge truly refreshed. We are a community, reclaiming our natural beauty and the space to breathe. Together, we are unstoppable.

Here is your moment of pause—all you need to do is take it.

With great love,

Hillary Tijerina

Getting Started With  Merigold

Hi, lovely. I'm so glad that you are here and I look forward to seeing what you create for Merigold!

I wanted to help walk you through both how-to Oil Cleanse and customize our powdered face masks to support to target your skin's current needs. Our skin is always changing, so it's important we meet those needs.

In my video series, I'll guide you through:

 ~ The benefits of using Oil Cleanse to wash your face
~How to use an Oil Cleanser
~ A full mask application from start to finish and all the fun options you can use to mix your mask with 

For more information on which hydrator is best for you, check out our blog.

We want you to feel confident and know all the tips and tricks. Plus, as a creator, we want to help ensure you get everything you can out of a moment of pause with Merigold.

Tips for Creating Content

Gathering Inspration

Content Ideas

~ Apply the product and capture it! 

~ How does it feel to use one of our Merigold products and take a moment of pause for yourself?

~What’s your favorite element/value about our brand? 

~ "Before and After" video 

~ "Daily routine" video

~"Product review" video

~ "Unboxing" video

Important Things to Communicate

Thing to Highlight or Share

~ We would adore to see YOUR face and see the product being applied.

~ For the Oil Cleanser: If you are wearing makeup don't forget to double cleanse. 

~ For the Mask: Be sure to not add too much liquid to your mask (your mask should not be dripping off your face).

~ For the Mask: Be sure only wear your mask for 10-15 mins.

~ Share any interesting tips or tricks you learned.

~ Merigold is a small female run business, so please reach out with any questions that might come up!

Helping you drive reach

Creative Direction

~ Vertical orienation/ 9:16 / 1080 x 1920

~ We love talking/ voiceover and/or written captions on video

~ You don't have to send a fully edited version of your creative, you can send us the raw footage and we can take it from there!

~ Our goal is to get content for the Merigold platform. If you'd like to share on your platform please just make sure and tag (we'd love to repost).

~ Please send your captured content our way via DM or email ( no later than 2 weeks after you receive your product. 

Content Examples

@merigoldco Nothing better than a night in for some self-care with someone you love ✨#Merigold ♬ La La Love - Animal Island

Reiki Practitioner, Kaitlin Brown, shares with us her moments of pause. Truly in awe of the talents of this intentional community. Through the art of slowing down we can connect to a deeper consciousness. One that allows for healing and energy exchange to unfold. Should you feel called— consider Kaitlin your new go-to for deeper insight into how Reiki energetically heals 🙏🏽

♬ original sound - Merigold

I think we’ll do it finding beauty in the small moments 〰

♬ original sound - 𖥔༌ ᰷ 🎸 𖥔༌ ᰷

The way the hydrate and glow facial oil is glowing in this golden hour 🥹🫶🏽

♬ original sound - S ❤︎︎


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