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Product Questions

After I remove my mask I have a little bit of redness, is this typical?

Yes, especially when providing your face with a mini facial massage with rising off - a little redness is normal and due to increased blood flow. It should  dissipate in about 30 minutes.

How often should I use my mask?

Once a week! Masks are so wonderful to use to help nourish our skin and remove build up but it is also important not to over-do a good thing.

Are all your ingredients organic?

Any of our ingredients that can be organic are organic. We want to make sure we are using high quality ingredients and we feel like that means organic. Those ingredients that are not listed as organic come down to science - technically ingredients like clay can’t technically be certified organic because they aren’t grown or raised per the USDA standards.

My mask affected my skin in a way I didn't like, what should I do?

If anything affects your skin negatively, please stop using it immediately. While our masks are made with organic materials, every body is different and everyone responds differently to different ingredients. If you are experiencing an allergic reaction and need assistance, please contact a healthcare professional right away.

Become a Stockist

We’d love to talk more about it with you. We do try and keep a limited number of stockists - so let’s talk. Email us at

Sustainable Living Through Mindful Skincare

What are Merigold's sustainable efforts?

At Merigold, we see skincare as a reflection not just of inner beauty, but of the environment we live in. We've taken careful strides to craft a sustainable approach to skincare, each step inspired by the essence of nature and conscious living.

Our facial masks come lovingly housed in glass jars, designed not just for single use, but as keepers of nature's secrets, ready to be reused or recycled time and again. We've chosen recyclable materials for all our boxes. Even the bags we embrace are made of Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials, reducing our footprint and echoing our commitment to the world we live in.

Even though we are proud of these steps, we humbly acknowledge that the path to complete sustainability is ongoing. There are areas we aim to improve, limitations we aim to surpass. At Merigold, the journey towards a more sustainable future is ceaseless, and we’re eager to continue learning, adapting, and growing our efforts. Because mindful skincare is not just about the skin, it's about the world it lives in.

Shipping questions

When should I expect my masks?

When initially joining we will ship your mask out within 3 business days. For your monthly mask shipping happens the first week of the month—so you have the rest of the month to enjoy your masks!

My shipment arrived broken/damaged, what can I do?

We're so sorry to hear that! Please contact us immediatley at

Returns questions

How can I make a return?

If you are unhappy with your experience, please contact us right away at so that we can make it right. If you are subscription member, we'll work to cancel your membership immediately and make sure all your questions are answered.


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