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All Natural, Organic Facial Masks

All Natural, Organic Facial Masks. Perfectly curated to be good for your body—and good for you.

Each month we release a new mask that changes to match the ever changing rhythms of the season.

Cranberry Beetroot Mask

The Beetroot Cranberry mask will bring back that moisture lost by the cold air, support your immune system, and leave your skin feeling more merry and bright!

Focused on ingredients that are seasonal, nutrient dense, and nourishing for your skin.

Our Holiday Gift Set

Give the gift of pause with our holiday gift set.

What’s Included?

- Three Month Subscription (December, January, and February)

- Our Ritual Kit (One handmade ceramic bowl, one spoon, and one application brush)

- Free Shipping

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    Begin your monthly membership with our ritual kit. The ritual kit will set you up with a brush, spoon, and handcrafted ceramic bowl to start off your moment of pause. Our masks are powdered, meaning no preservatives, and the ingredients become activated by you. Each month you will receive the monthly crafted mask (three individual masks), that have been created for that month with the season in mind. Each month is a different mask. When your mask comes to your door—you get to unveil and see what that month holds for you!


    We want Merigold to help you create rituals around yourself and your body. We invite you to take these opportunities as a moment of pause. Use your ritual kit—to prepare your mask using 1-3 tsp. of your preferred hydrator (water, hydrosol, honey—you can be as creative as you want). Then, gently apply your mask using your brush. And breathe. Take your moment!


    Our hope is that you will use these moments to reflect, share, nurture yourself, and celebrate beauty. We want to form a community of likeminded women who honor themselves—and change the world by claiming the beauty in themselves.


Our Journal

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  3. Our Anthem

    This Is A Moment To Pause.To Be Fully Present With The Self. To Create & Take The Space For Self Reflection,Self Love, and Caring for Ourselves...