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Cherry Parfait

Our monthly beverage pairs perfectly with your mask and supports the month’s theme and intention of nourishing your body inside and out. 

We’re celebrating this season of growth with a vibrant, creamy smoothie bowl, super simple to make and overflowing with nutrients. 

As the world flourishes around us, we’re harnessing the powers of cherry and avocado (plus additional toppings of your choice) for an energizing boost to brighten your day.

Serves 2


1 medium avocado, ripe

2 c. bing cherries, frozen

Optional Ingredients for Toppings:

Dried coconut, nuts, granola  

Sliced fruit (kiwi, banana, strawberries, blueberries, etc)

Nut butters

Cocoa nibs or chocolate chips



Blend both ingredients in a blender. It takes time, so be patient. For the thick creamy consistency that we are looking for you don’t want to add any other liquids. Be patient and let your blender do its job!  Once fully blended scoop into a bowl and top with your favorite toppings or just eat as is! Both are refreshing and leave you feeling great!

Ingredient Highlights

Cherry: High in vitamin C, fiber, protein, copper and manganese, these fantastic fruits are packed with antioxidants and inflammation-reducing compounds, which may reduce chronic disease risk and promote overall health.

Avocado: Loaded with healthy (and delicious) fats, fiber, vitamins C and K and folate, avocados also are high in B5 which is thought to have a calming effect on your skin, keeping it soft and smooth.


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